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  • Ian Robinson

Why Is It Important For Children To Start Learning From An Early Age?

The developmental stages in a child's life are the most important. During this time, the child is learning continuously and can absorb things a lot more quickly. Think of these years as the molding process of a vase. The more time you take to perfect its shape, the better the outcome will be. This is the case with children when they begin to learn from a young age. The child will be able to understand things better and can have an open mind about learning.

However, a parent must make sure their child is not being forced to learn and is naturally bought into the process of learning by making them understand random topics that are highly knowledgeable yet not very taxing to the child's mind. The parent must also make sure not to put pressure on them to do exceptionally well when they are only a few years old. A good way to navigate this situation would be to read and buy your child educational books such as I Love STEM And You Should Too by Ian H Robinson. This book focuses on turning attention toward Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM). It helps people understand how STEM can be interesting and highlights the importance it has for the coming generations. One should acknowledge the author’s effort in this topic and help their child reach greater heights.

If you do make your child learn from an early age, there are many added benefits, such as:

Boost In Self Confidence

When a child is well aware of their abilities, it is natural that they will not compete with anyone else. They will stay in their lane of expertise and consistently try to do their best. The parent, on the other hand, can help a lot in such cases. When a parent is satisfied with their child’s learning, they will not force them to learn more or overburden them. Parents will also stop comparing their children with other people, and it is often that a child will take comfort in that.

When a child will understand their abilities and know that they have a vivid understanding of what they are learning, they will participate in the class a lot more. They will not have to be discouraged if they are wrong and will only work harder towards being better. There can be external reasons which will help the child have more confidence in themselves, but the starting point can begin with a child knowing more.

Quick Witted

A child who has a bright mind will have the power to understand things through reasoning and questioning. They will try to find out what the question really means instead of just simply writing predetermined and pre-learned answers. This takes the child on an intellectual learning journey which helps them move through life with questioning and justified questions. They will also be very good at conversing with and understanding other people.

Better Communication

When a child learns how to answer things, they also learn how to ask questions which are logical and have reasoning behind them. This is an important point that helps children learn how to communicate their feeling better and help other people understand what they are going through. This is a great way of getting your child ready for what awaits next.

Ability To Solve Problems

An intellectual child will never sit and sulk but will try their best to go out and solve the problems they face. They will take different approaches to life and will reach a suitable solution for themselves and the people around them. It is a great way of getting the child to start on a self-bettering journey with learning.

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