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  • Ian Robinson

How Does the World Benefit from More Girls Getting into STEM?

The future of the world looks brighter if we do all we can to inspire and motivate more girls to become STEM professionals. My reason for making such a bold assertion is not based in political correctness or optimism. My assertion is based on common sense and solid reasoning. More girls aspiring to become STEM professionals means that more minds will be focused on STEM-related issues that drive human advancement. Are you convinced? If not, stay tuned as I go deeper with my reasoning, which is based on the simple principle of equivalence, which is a key part of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The principle of equivalence states that there is an equality between gravitational force and the mass of a large resting object. In the case of more girls and STEM, we see that more girls growing up to become STEM professionals equals more productivity in the STEM fields. If you still need convincing, check out the simple model that follows. More girls in STEM = Greater competition = greater excellence in STEM More girls in STEM = Greater intent = greater outcome for STEM More girls in STEM = Greater diversity = greater impact with STEM

Of course this all depends on the fact that the number of male entrants into STEM fields remain at a constant. After all, it is not about replacing males with females. It is more so about equating males and females. If we can increase the number of females to males professional in STEM, we will have more STEM professional to solve more complex problem, create more cutting-edge inventions, make more breakthrough discoveries, and develop more transformative methodologies. This will certainly spark a greater drive toward human advancements.

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